Stress - something negative?


“Stress” – this word always sounds like something negative that makes it hard to enjoy life. But is this true? Or do u need stress to enjoy life? And what should u do to prevent this? These are the topics today’s article is about. I chose them, because I am a busy person and I think my life is stressful. And in my past, it definitely was something negative that made it hard to enjoy my life. But today? I wouldn’t say this anymore.

My weeks are always full of work – especially school stuff. It have to be holidays, closing of grades or the first week after school start, when I have a single day in my week without having to do something for school. And then there are my extracurriculars, pets, family, friends, … . All in all: I’m nearly always busy. But the emphasis is on the word nearly. I have my relaxed moments during a busy day. How it works? Here is my method:

Just taking the time!

And yes, that’s it. But I know, it isn’t easy. And believe me, I know it probably better then every other person in the world. Did u read the article I wrote last week about how to minimize ur pressure to perform? During my fight against this issue, my dealing with stress got better and better. I think, the sentences I tell myself everyday really helped me to minimize my stress, too. But I’m not a psychologist, these are just my personal experiences. So: It’s helpful to tell urself theses sentences to realize that it’s okay not do everything perfectly. 

When u really believe this, think about what u love to do but doesn’t take too much time. Cuz it isn’t possible to manage stress that way during a stressful day. These things are for me: reading, dancing, listening to music and going to my chickens. I just do them everyday: I read in the train and when I wait for my bus. Before going to bed, I dance to one song. While packing my bag for school and making my to-do-list for the day, I listen to music. And when my lunch is in the microwave, I go to the chickens. And yes, there are my relaxed moments during my stressful days.

In conclusion: It’s not about neglecting or shortening ur exercises for the day, it’s about making even small moments relaxing. Of course, it isn’t possible to make too many things on one day, u have to make ur to-do-lists realistic. But I’ll write another article about my to-do-lists soon.

And for answering my first question: I don’t think, stress is something negative. In my opinion, it’s about how u live with it. But I don’t know, if u need stress to enjoy life. Maybe it depends on the person. I don’t really need it, but it isn’t sth negative for me, too.

I hope, this article helps u.



Saturday, 05/03/2022

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