Perfect people

… or maybe not


At first I have a little announcement: I’ll publish my posts from now on on Saturdays. I realized that it’s easier for me to manage my time when I do it that way. Hope, it’s okay for u:).

So, let’s start with the actual post.

Do u know these people who just seem to be perfect? They and the adddicted thought “But I’m not” always pushed me down. And it does sometimes now, too…

As u know if u read my articles, I was (and am a bit) a perfectionist. That’s why, I tended to compare myself and my life with theirs. Especially, and I know it’s sad, with the people I like: My mum. She had to go through a lot but seems to stood up again, seems to be the happiest person, seems to has lost nothing inside her and seems to get liked by everyone. My sister. The same. A friend of mine. It seems to go nothing wrong in her life. Another friend. She had to go through the divorce of her parents, but seems to handle it easily and seems to get liked by everyone in class. Another girl in my class. She seems to get liked by everyone in class, too, seems to have a great charakter and everything in her life just seems to be perfect. And then, there is me. I’m happy when I don’t have to see my stepfather, I lost my sister, I was / am a bit a perfectionist, I know that some pupils in class can’t stand me, I know that my teachers speak bad about me and I have friends whom I can’t trust. And this isn’t even everything, as u know.

I also thought (and think from time to time) what the hell am I doing wrong? What? Why can’t I just be liked like they? Why can’t just work everything in my life? Why not???????

But through the time, I realized it’s not true. My mum and my sister have changed if u look a little bit closer. My mum think it’s disgusting to be close with her husband. And my sister feels guilty when she’s happy. And both of them don’t have friends to whom they can talk about everything. The mentioned friends of mine are just talented to hide some things, especially some charakter treats: The first one can’t accept to get not liked by everyone and tells herself that those people are just jealous about how great she is. The other one is the least self-confident person in the inside (and just there!) I’ve ever met.  And so it goes on …

What I wanna say with that: There is no single person in this world who and who’s life is perfect. Even though it seems so. And it isn’t possible to be, neither. I don’t mean that u should rest on that with everything u probably should have done different. I just mean, that it’s okay. It’s definetely okay. And this acceptance is helping so much. So much. Even though it’s hard to keep it in mind.

Thanks for reading:)




Saturday, 02/04/2022

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