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My personal journey

Just a small update

I haven’t been writing an article for a bit of time and I’m sorry about that. The reason for this is, that I thought a lot about what to share and what not to. I also asked my mum for advice. And yes, here are my final decisions: ….


Life - update # 3


got invited to the selection weekend for UWC (wohoo!!) (keep your fingers crossed for me, please), a new year – 2023


True love

To be honest, I’m not aware of a huge number of books or movies where a story about true love is not included. Are you? Presumably, the fact that I love such stories isn’t helpful neither… But nonetheless, I guess one …


Being drunk

And no, you don’t have to be afraid. This won’t be an article of a typical teenager being drunk. It will more likely be an article of me not being drunk. Not wanting to get drunk, or kinda not being able to get drunk. 


Life - update # 2


exam time at school is over, finally holidays with my family, fear of loss regarding my mum, stepfather who hurt our dog



Life - update # 1


thoughts about my sexuality, school going on pretty well, death of one chicken, stepfather who is back home


I'm older than I am

When people see me, they are always thinking I’m older, from 18 onwards. And I am 15. I mean, yes it’s just three years more, but in my age, it’s a big difference. I was always wondering why I’m looking that way …


About depression

In my opinion, depression is the most terrible illness the world has ever seen. And yes, u can tell me thousands of stories of wonderful people who died cuz of cancer or some kinda heart attack. But I have also stories to tell.


Never be like the others

[…] ‘ll ever be this kinda girl who sits by the side when all the others will dance, who will say no to alcohol when all the others are drunk and have fun that way. Ever this kinda girl who denies parties as far as possible a…


My Bucket List

I will update the list regulary, if I find some new things I wanna experience in my life or if I don’t wanna do some things anymore. If I wrote sth below the point, I already g…


My current struggle

In the previous week, I felt pretty miserable. I had a struggle. But I stood up. And won. Against this damn pressure to perform. And I’m quite proud about this:)



Dreams are … just … everything for me. They helped me in the past when my dad shouted at me and forced me to come with him, when I hid behind the shelf cuz I was afraid he would throw the shoe at me and when …


My inside at the moment

My blog is a personal blog, so I think it’s time (after around 4 weeks) to write an article about my inside at the moment. Because from the outside, all the things are perfect, but unfortunately not in the inside. Plea…


A week full of variety

Do u know these moments of feeling so tired that u get dizzy? And when u actually go to bed, u feel to dizzy for sleeping? I don’t hope this for u. But I unfortunately know. And this describes my week full of variety so perfe…


The actual reason for starting this blog

I thought about starting a blog since last year. At this time, I started fighting against something which was a big part of myself since my first time attending school: the pressure to perform. I’m a person who …