Books, dreams, the world and I


All the things we don't know

There are so many things in this world we don’t know. May it be the life situation of a random person on the street or what comes after the universe, if there is an “after”. Or how authors of crime novels come up …


A typical weekday (the most normal one)

I think, if u really wanna get to know somebody, it’s pretty helpful and important to look into the main part of the person’s life, the everyday life. And cuz I want u to really know me (I mean, it’s a personal blog…), I tho …


Failure - and how I deal with it

This Wednesday, I experienced a big failure – I got rejected from RISE. […] And the main reason for my applying was, that u also get a scholarship for 4 years of studying in a university. 4 years!! But they didn’t choose me.


Perfect people

… or maybe not

Do u know these people who just seem to be perfect? They and the addicted thought “But I’m not” always pushed me down. And it does sometimes now, too… 


Stress - somthing negative?

“Stress” – this word always sounds like something negative that makes it hard to enjoy life. But is this true? I chose this topic, because I am a busy person and I think my life is stressful. And in my past, it …


How to minimize your pressure to perform

I often told u while writing about my pressure to perform that I fought, that my own pressure gets smaller and smaller, that I managed it to get out of this, .. But I never really worte about how I did and do this …