Life-update #3

United World Colleges (UWC), a new year


I know, long time no see… I’m sorry about that. Life has been eventful lastly and I didn’t want to write until I’ve got news regarding my UWC – application. And I’m so so happy, grateful and excited to tell you that I have great ones: I made it into the 2nd round!!

But let me introduce UWC at first, for the ones among you who don’t know sth about it. UWC – short for United World Colleges – is an international educational movement with 18 colleges worlwide. You attend those in school year 11 and 12 and as a school-leaving qualification one gets the IB. So yes, it’s a school and it plays a big role in it. But another big (maybe even bigger) focus is on the international part. Students are accepted from all over the world. They get assigned to the colleges based on their personality, their achievements as well as whether they fit into a UWC or not. Due to the internationality and the events for celebrating that, you experience all the different cultures and get more open-minded.

Of course, since you are mostly 16 when entering a college, you have to be independent at young age and learn how to stand up for your opinions. Therefore, you have to grow and jump over your own shadow. It is often said that UWC is what you make out of it. And I belive that’s true. I mean, it’s the same with a lot of things in life – everything is what you make out of it. I think UWC is a wonderful (not perfect, I know that) movement due to a lot of resons – but I don’t wanna write about them now. In this case, it would hurt even more when the probable happened and I was not expected. I know myself, believe me. On the other hand, this is a blog and not the UWC website, so I’m gonna stop now. 

I’m aware that UWC isn’t all shining and perfect. 

It would be hard to move out at the age of 16 and leave your family and friends behind. To never really be alone (there are not many single rooms) or to always have to speak English (in my case not my mother tongue). Also the smaller aspects, like not being able to eat your favourite food regularly without cooking it yourself. I know that all and you could presumably continue this list. Nevertheless, I’m confident that UWC would give me so much, let me grow as a person and in return I could give UWC so much, too.

I would participate in projects wholeheartedly and maybe start one of my own. Moreover, I would listen to students (e.g. roomies) that aren’t feeling well. I would make the movement even more international and colourful with my own thoughs and ideas. But as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve always written “would”. I’ve also stated in the beginning that I made it into the 2nd round, not that I made it to get in. So there’s still a way to go. The 1st round was a written application – I sent in several (17) essays, information about my hobbies or jobs, information about my family, my final grades from grade 8 and 9, a passport photo and more. 

I knew that I would be informed about whether I’m in the 2nd round or not from the middle to the end of January, probably in the previous week. And yes, I got an email on Wednesday, the 18th January. I was sitting in my Maths/Physics class and we should use our phones for an experiment and open an app for which we needed internet. That’s why, I switched on mobile data and suddenly an email from UWC popped up. My hands honestly started shaking – I was so nervous – and I pulled down the message so I could see more. Fortunately, I realized quickly that I wanted to open this email at home. So I closed it again and was absolutely not able to concentrate for the next hours. In the short time I “opened” the email I spotted the word “pleased”. 

But wasn’t sure if it was in the context of “we’re pleased that you applied, but unfortunately there are so many applicants and …” or “we’re pleased to inform you that … ” So it wasn’t really calming. When I was finally home and opened the entire email (together with my mum – I promised it to her and also didn’t want to either cry or make a joy-dance (I didn’t do one though, guess I’m simply not that type of person) alone), I couldn’t believe it at first. I just sat there and was like: What the hell? Can’t be true!! But apparently it was. I will attend a selection weekend from the 17th to the 19th February. After this weekend, they’ll let me know within a week whether I will be able to attend a UWC (and also, in case the answer is “yes”, which one) after the summer holidays.

Please, please, keep all of your fingers crossed for me. I already practiced a few interview questions, watched YouTube – videos with tips for the latter and picked the clothes I will wear. I know it is unlikely they will chose me, but the hope dies last, doesn’t it? My big hope (and also fear that they won’t) is that they see me – a person who is passionate. A person who deeply cares about those around (and close) to her and works hard for her dreams. 

Furthermore, a person who loves diversity and learning in general and also learning about the different views of a topic. A person who simply fits UWC. (at least that’s what I’m thinking) Additionally, someone who is ready to fight and who doesn’t give up quickly. Who loves with her entire heart and is able to start a life on her own and live independently. Even though there will be moments, days and maybe even weeks who aren’t easy and not like expected. If they will chose me, which is, like I’ve already stated, unlikey, I would be honored. I would give my very best to make UWC also benefit from me, not just me from it. I promise.

So please, please, please, please, wish me every peace of luck you can find. I’d be so grateful.

Let’s go on with the next and last topic for today’s article: It’s 2023 now. It’s a new year. And I am, honestly, looking forward to it. I hope it does, too.

As probably a few people in this world, I thought of some New Year’s resolutions and also looked at the ones I set up for 2022. Lastly, I read a book (Book Lovers by Emily Henry – loved it, btw) where a person said that NY’s resolutions are like a contract to her. It kinda reminded me of myself.

I’m not that strict, cuz sometimes they simply aren’t realisable anymore or better in another way, but I really try to be able to put a mental tick at every resolution I put up in the beginning of the previous year. 

My resolutions for 2022 were:

  • go to the chickens three times a day -> did it:)
  • manage school pressure -> of course there are difficult times, but they get fewer and fewer
  • start or even finish application for UWC and give my very best -> did it:)
  • get at least two more extracurriculars (one of them: learn a new language) -> did it:): I’m learning Chinese and started writing this blog
  • learn typing with 10 fingers -> doing it right now:)
  • read half of my books in English -> probably even more than the half:)
  • stop being this not-cuddling girl anymore (When I was younger, I always didn’t want to hug people. But getting older, I didn’t mind and even wanted to, but weren’t confident enough to say that.) -> did it:)
  • enjoy life and be happy -> I think, I did a good job:)
So yes, honestly, I think I did well. I’m working towards being able to say this next year, too. My New Year’s resolutions for 2023 are:
  • stop chewing my fingernails
  • don’t hold my breath or put my legs in a different way so I look thinner (I’m not anorexic or have any other problems regarding eating or my weight. It’s just a habbit I want to get rid of)
  • give one to two euros to every person living on the street or play music for us
  • live whatever way I’ll go happily
  • write all the English vocab from the most of the books I’m reading I initially don’t know and learn them
  • read the news every day
  • enjoy life

From the current situtation, I can say that I’m doing a great job: Breath-holding happened the last time in November or so last year and I didn’t put my legs in a different way for looking thinner this year. Probably because of the cold temperatures, I couldn’t give money to the people described yet. I already created around 4 Quizlet book – vocab-lists which I’m revising regularly. I read the news every morning from Monday to Friday. And I would describe myself as happy, too:). So, Everose, let’s go on!

What are your your resolutions for 2023, if you have any? And what sort of year was 2022 for you? Let me know:). For me, 2022 was a good year. My family has been fine. I sort of turned into someone and made my life to something I’m proud of and also jumped over my shadow a few times. Looking at the world, of course, 2022 was not a good year. There are so many things happening right now that shouldn’t. But this blog isn’t supposed to be about the situation in the world. This blog is about living your (or mine) life, it’s about dreams and books and yes, about the world, but about the beautiful sides of it. 

At least here, I don’t want to think about the big issues that have the potential to keep you from sleeping at night. I mean, “smaller” (or at least not that popular) ones in your life (or mine) have it, too. Hope you still know what I mean. I simply wanna state that I’m not ignoring or not paying attention to these issues, I just don’t want them to pop up here.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading:)

Wish you the best. Honestly.





Wednesday, 25/01/2023



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