Just a small update


I haven’t been writing an article for a bit of time and I’m sorry about that. The reason for this is, that I thought a lot about what to share and what not to. I also asked my mum for advice. And yes, here are my final decisions:

For the next time, I won’t publish anything about my actual life (in terms of UWC and things like that). I’m still gonna write, but I won’t upload. You’ll be able to read all of these articles, I promise, but not now.

But of course I will still publish something. This “something” consists of articles about books, about music and just articles in which I tend to be kinda philsophical (e.g. the article about all the things we don’t know or others like never be like the others). I haven’t been really active in the books and music section, but I’m gonna try:).

So yes, this is my small update. I hope you can understand even when not, please still accept this.

But there’s one thing I’m gonna tell you, it’s gonna be the last update about my life for the following time – I got nominated for a United World College:). I have no idea how the hell I got in, but of course, I’m really looking forward to my time. And you are gonna hear about it, but not now.

See (or better write to) you soon:)



Sunday, 05/03/2023