Before I start with the “real” article, I wanna apologize that I’m a bit late with writing. When u read my article for a bit of time, u may realized that I publish an article every Friday. And today is Saturday… I planned doing it yesterday, but I came home later then I expected. At first, I met a woman cuz I wanna engage me additionally and we talked about the opportunities for me. It was great:). And after this, I took part at Fridays for future. I liked it a lot, too:). I wasn’t really sure when I’d come home, and when I did, it was too late. But now, let’s start with the article.

I called my blog “Books, dreams the world and I” cuz it’s a perfect description of me. And today, I wanna talk about the dreams in it.

Dreams are … just … everything for me. They helped me in the past when my dad shouted at me and forced me to come with him, when I hid behind the shelf cuz I was afraid he would throw the shoe at me and when I had to go to the court. They helped me when my sister got a manic depression, they helped me one year later, when the police rang at our door and told us my sister threw herself in front of the train and at her funeral. The helped me when my mum got a depression and I lost all of my friends cuz they didn’t know how to act with me after this. They helped me, when the school was the hell for me and when I built myself a new life in a new school. 

They helped me, when I had to put my hen, my best friend and please don’t joke about this, she just meant everything for me, to sleep and after this, I had noone to talk to. And they help me now, when my stepfather treats my like trash, I have to protect my mum and when I fight against my pressure to perform.

But they don’t just help me in the sad moments, they make me happy in the good times, too. I get happy when I think of my future. I don’t think, I’m really able to explain this, it’s just there. Maybe it’s cuz I thought about myself, the future and what’s possible a lot and so, I could plan a future that really suits to me. That really will make me happy. I can’t tell u how I did this, neither. But I can tell u, that this is like oxygen for me. Hm, no, maybe not just oxygen which makes it possible to life. It’s more likely a mixture of oxygen and a friend, the best friend u can imagine, because he’s always there for u.

But what are my dreams? My life goal is to have a good impact, to leave something good when I’ll leave the world someday. Do u now the song “I Was Here” from Beyoncé? That’s nearly my hymn of life. But not the way the world should think of me when I’m gone, it’s about the impact. No matter how often I listen to this song (and believe me, I did it around … a million times), I always get goosebumps. I have some smaller goals, too. Okay, I don’t know if u can call them small, they’re “just” a few years or some moments and not my whole life goal. But although, they are important for me. One goal of mine is to visit another school from grade 11 onwards. My choices are UWC, GHIS and EMIS. They sound just wonderful for me.

But u have to know, that it’s really hard to get in there. Because of this, this is a big dream of mine, but it would be okay if it won’t happen. Please understand me correctly, I’d be so so so so happy and grateful if they’d chose me, of course, but I know it’s unlikely that it will happen. That’s why, I have a plan for staying here and for attending these schools.

After this, I wanna make a voluntary year and then study zoology and after this my master degree in animal behaviour. But these are things I wanna do now. I mean, I don’t think they will change a lot, but I don’t stick to them. Of course, I informed myself about the opportunities. But these are just opportnities, just possibilities and no real plans. After university, I wanna do sth with animals which is good for the environment, like working in an animal rescue centre or animal raising station. I don’t think about this too much, because it’s far away and I don’t wanna make a strict plan which I’ll do in the future just because I thought it would be great when I was quite young. But I can imagine myself really good while working in the animal and environmental protection scene.

In addition, I have a bucket a list with lot’s of wonderful experiences. Maybe I’ll share it soon, too. (I did, here’s the link.)But these are smaller things and not as big as the mentioned ones so I don’t think, this article is a good place for it.

I think, that’s it. I don’t wanna imagine a life without dreams and I can’t, neither.



Saturday, 26/03/2022


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