My Bucket List


At first, I wanna apologize for not writing an article for so long. The reason is: I was ill. I had fever and then, I had an allergic reaction and my eyes were swollen. So, I couldn’t see that much and later when I was able to, I couldn’t look at the screen for too long. That’s why, I didn’t write an article, cuz I prefer to write them in one. I used thr time to make my previous articles a bit fancier. Hope, u like it.

So, let’s start with the actual topic: My Bucket List. I will update the list regulary, if I find some new things I wanna experience in my life or if I don’t wanna do some things anymore. If I wrote sth below the point, I already got to know it:). And btw, the order hasn’t a meaning at all.

  • swim with dolphins
  • horseback ride on the beach
  • go skydiving
  • learn a new language (besides German, English and Latin)
  • attend a music festival
  • go to a concert
When I was around eight, my mum, my stepfather and I went to a concert of our favourite singer in my mother tongue. I don’t have so detailed memories, but I know, that I liked it a lot:)
  • learn how to surf
  • make volunteer work
I help one time a month with a nature organization and I tutor a girl in my age every week. I recommend doing voluntary work a lot:)!! It gives u such a wonderful feeling and, of course, u give help to someone or something who really needs it.
  • adopt at least one animal from an animal shelter
  • sleep on the beach
  • ride a camel
  • see the Northern Lights
  • travel alone
  • watch a beautiful sunrise
  • make a safari
  • be in love
  • visit a vulacano
  • meet my soulmate
  • visit the biggest library in the world (the British Library)
  • demonstrate for sth that’s important for me
I took part in Fridays for Future when I was 15. And no joke, I got goosebumps when I walked along the streets:)
  • live abroad for at least one year
  • donate blood
  • send a letter to a random adress
  • go to the airport and catch a random flight
  • get my drivers license
  • visit a metropole
  • write a blog
U’re reading it at the moment:).
  • go camping
  • go to university

So, that’s it:). I hope, I will experience them all.

These are smaller and bigger dreams of mine. But If u wanna read sth about my big big big dreams and what the mean to me, check out this article:).

Do u have some ideas what I could add to my bucket list? Or do u have one, too? I would be soooooo happy if u wrote me:).



Saturday, 30/04/2022


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