All the things we don't know


There are so many things in this world we don’t know. May it be the life situation of a random person on the street or what comes after the universe, if there is an “after”. Or how authors of crime novels come up with all these ideas. Or how the Physarum polycephalum (a unicellular slime mould) has the ability to remember without a brain or something similar. Lastly, when I thought of all this, an important question crossed my mind: If we are all ignorant in so many regards (and you could continue this list ad infinitum), are we seriously in the position to judge? To judge about a person’s behaviour? Or to judge about the weather why it can’t go back to normal? I still don’t know the “correct” answer to these questions, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Let’s start with the first example I mentioned: the life situation of a random person on the street. I think, everyone, at least … a few times in our life, thought negatively of a person that crossed our way. No matter why and how we communicated about this, I’m pretty confident we all have done this so far. Maybe even today. When I think of myself, the latter applies: I just wanted to walk along the pavement, when there was a running person with sportswear who nearly brought me to fall even though the pavement was at least one and a half meters wide. I mean, what the hell, why?? 

But who knows, maybe he (it was a man) had to hurry. 

Maybe he just wanted to go running but he got a call from home and there was an emergency. Or maybe he helped an older woman to cross the street and now had to hurry because he would be late for an important appointment otherwise. So yes, maybe running fast and ignoring pedestrians was the only option he had. But even when this was the case, couldn’t he at least try not to dump me so hardly? Or at least apologize? Or am I thinking way too positively about him and he thought: “Yey, let’s hurt this girl on the street. I don’t think I like her. She doesn’t deserve my attention.”? Who knows. But does it really matter? I mean, shouldn’t he always be friendly to the people around him who haven’t done anything to him?

Or let’s look at my second example: what comes after the universe. This just indicates how less we know about the world and the nature. Although it’s so quintessential to us. So are we, humans, in the position to invent devices or means of transportation which will change the nature? And even which will destroy them? Probably, surely, not. But what should we do? Ignore our own ideas as well as needs to keep the nature as it has been since ever? Doing something for the nature is important, I don’t mean to decimate that. I’m talking about putting ourselves behind the nature. Or isn’t it a form of respect towards the nature, that made it possible for us to live? Shouldn’t it be normal to do everything to preserve the nature, our genesis?

So many questions… And I still can’t find the answer, even after all this thinking and even writing about it.

After spotting a person and observing her/him for a bit, I try not to do a “procedure” that comes naturally to as humans: to judge. I try to think of circumstances that lead them to behave the way they do. I really try hard not to judge. Even though, it is a really easy and fast thing to do. It is easy to get upset about people, to fuss about them and also be kinda mean. You have something to think about, something to talk about and maybe, you will feel better after doing this. Maybe it helps you to clean your mind of your own worries, at least for a short time.

But it isn’t really fair, is it? 

Or is it like I’ve written earlier, should you ignore the reasons for a person behaving in a certain way? Is it out of importance? We all have gone through something sad and still don’t treat other people like shit. We still are (or try to be) friendly and respectfully. Just because you experienced hell doesn’t mean you have the permission to make the life of others hell as well. Or, when the hell was so consuming, is it the only way to go on? Is it not in human capacities to go on like it is appropriate in terms of all the other persons in (your) life?

In my opinion, this topic is an extremely hard one to find a clear own opinion of. When I were nonetheless be forced to find one, I’d probably say: You should always be careful before judging. We often do not have the slightest clue of people’s life situation or, if you extend this answer, of the entire universe and it’s processes. Still, you should have a pretty sharp eye, actually see behaviour that isn’t okay and not sugarcoat everything. And even when there is such critical behaviour with a personal reason behind, remember, that it doesn’t excuse everything. It simply explains a lot.

And now, after my cryptical answer, I want to ask you: What do you think? To what extend are we able or allowed to judge? Let me know your opinion. I’m looking forward to it:)



Friday, 12/02/2023


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