A week full of variety


Do u know these moments of being so tired that u feel dizzy? And when u actually go to bed, u feel to dizzy for sleeping? I don’t hope this for u. But I unfortunately do know … And this explains my week full of variety so perfectly.

Let’s describe it:

First of all, the weekend. I created a video on Friday afternoon and in the evening for my application for a scholarship. On Saturday and Sunday, I spent my entire time with a history project and an Art project (I’m so untalented in Art u can’t imagine – Once I draw a human for a biology scheme and my mum asked me why I drew a turtle and not a human … – Need I say more? The picture on the right could also be painted by me, and I’m in highschool…)

Yes, the history presentation should only last 30 min, but all of my class needed around 5 to 6 hours to prepare. And for Art, I have to create a sculpture that represents character through aesthetics – wonderful. By the way, my Art projects always take so so many hours. Then I realized that there would be a test in Latin next day and I learned for it, too.

And then, the school week began:

Monday probably would have been okay, but I sat until 10 doing something for my scholarship application and writing a text for the school board, of which I’m a member.

And then, there was Tuesday. At first, I had an appointment after school until 4. I was at home at 4:30. I wanted to start all the work I had to do, but the health department called and said that I had to test me free the next day. Until then, I’d be in quarantine. Great – it wasn’t as if I had the 2nd round of the Biology Olympiad at this time. This wouldn’t have been such a big problem if I wouldn’t have been ill during the 1st round. A bio teacher of my school arranged, that I rewrote it and cuz of my good results, I was qualified for the next round after all. (And this is really not normal!) 

So I hope u understand, that the teacher would have killed me if I would have been ill, again. My mum told this the department and I was able to go to the testing centre that day. Cuz of all of this, I was home at 5:30. And normally, it wouldn’t have been a big deal (It would have been like every other day). But the next day, the 16/02/2022, was an important day – we had history, I had to write the Olympiad and, mostly important: it was the latest day for sending another video for my scholarship application. So, I studied and worked and worked until 10.

Wednesday started. I wasn’t chosen for my history presentation (thanks to god or whoever!!), the Biology Olympiad was difficult as hell and I sent my video one minute (no joke) before the deadline. I did it:)!! U can’t imagine, how relieved I was (and am). But it wasn’t as easy as it maybe sounds. Because I was such a genius – I left my laptop in my locker at school. With the entire text for my video. So, I had to rewrite it. And the time was already short! The ones, who didn’t present in history had to send him the presentation and the handout until 12pm. But I only had it on my laptop. So I had to rewrite this, too. I finished at 11pm. But please believe me, this wasn’t a normal week for me. I normally stick on going to bed until 9:30pm or 9pm..

Then, the nature gave me a huge favour: It was such a storm that the compulsory presence was suspended and my mum decided that I shouldn’t go to school cuz it was to dangerous to go by train.

And so, I stayed home on Thursday and did all the things that accumulated over the week, like some transfers, tidy up my desk and all the school stuff for Friday.

I went to school on Friday. There, I won a discussion against a teacher of mine: I undid the 2 of a classmate – I mean, he didn’t admit his mistake, bit his actions showed this quite good, I think. After doing this, I felt so good, cuz it was the first time I stood up for a student even though it might have negative consequences for me. Teachers have such a power! But although, I did it:).

And that was it! Finally, it’s weekend and my week full of variety is over! Whohoooo!

Let’s talk about my feelings. Cuz my report may sounds like it was an easy thing for me. Like I just went through the week and felt really good. And yes, I didn’t feel horrible, but also not wonderful. At Tuesday, I really thought about whether going to school the next day or not. But not because I didn’t feel like it (I don’t do something like that! I promise!). I was unsure if I would be able to do all the things on Wednesday and I was kind of afraid of the Olympiad. But don’t really afraid of the tasks, I was nervous due to the expections of nearly all the teachers, my mum and most of my classmates. Sometimes, I think they expect me to get the Nobel Prize every second. And this sucks…

But I have to say, that I’m really proud of me: I managed it to get out of this expectation-fears. I went to school and wrote this damn Olympiad. I was so so happy after finishing it! Please don’t misunderstand me, I love bio, but I don’t really like most of the Olympiads. I think, they are unnecessary and just increase the rivalry thinking. 

And that’s what the week learned me: I can do it, even though there is an opportunity to bypass and looks wonderful easy. But doing it although gives u that feeling of being honest and strong as well. And that in turn gives u mental strength and a bigger self-respect. So, u out there, just do it:)!

Thanks for reading.




Saturday, 19/02/2022



the little girl: https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1544773088-d142e38f5793?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxwaG90by1wYWdlfHx8fGVufDB8fHx8&auto=format&fit=crop&w=1413&q=80 – unsplash.com – Jerry Wang (14/12/2018) – last access: 18/04/2022

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