A typical weekday (the most normal one)


I think, if u really wanna get to know somebody, it’s pretty helpful and important to look into the main part of the person’s life, the everyday life. And cuz I want u to really know me (I mean, it’s a personal blog…), I thought it would be a good idea to write about a typical weekday of mine. I know, u probably think, it isn’t an article in which I tell u how do go through sth or in which I write about a similiar topic. But maybe it’s helpful fo u, too, cuz I do all the things in this (pretty buisy) life and if I manage it in this short time when I have a lot to do, u can do it, too. U can take time for u, take care of u and just be happy, too. And yes, let’s start. (Btw, I’ll choose Monday.)

At 5:30 am, my mum opens the door to where I sleep and our dog jumps into the bed. Somehow, I like this sort of awakening:). Then, I immideately have to stand up, go into the bathroom, put some clothes on and make my hair (while I’m listening to music). Cuz at 5:40 am, the alarm of my stepfather is ringing and at this time, I have to be ready. Now, I go into my room, pack my schoolbag and often also do a small task for which I didn’t have time the day before.

I have no idea why, but the time flies so so fast in the morning. That’s why, it’s soon 6 am. I eat brakfast until 6:08, then, I put my jacket and shoes on and go/run to the car. At 6:10, my stepfather drives off to the station. Cuz at 6:22, my train is arriving. A few minutes before 7 am, I arrive in the city where my school is located and wait in the station until around 7:10. A short time after this, my bus is coming and at 7:35, I’m at my school. 

I say hello to a friend of mine and either, we’re going to a biology extra lesson or, I tutor a student in Maths. (Cuz on my mondays, the first block is always free at my school.) I have lessons until 3:15 pm and in between, we have 3 breaks. In the first one, we (three friends of mine and I) just sit together and talk about some random stuff, in the second, we go the bakery (but just one or two of them buy sth) and in the third, the whole class is waiting in front of the classroom together. 

When school is over, a friend of mine and I walk to the station together. My train is leaving a few minutes past 4 and arrives a bit after 4:30 pm. In this time, I normally read a book. I always wait around 10 minutes an then, my bus comes. When it is arriving in my home village, I walk 10 minutes and then, at around 5:15 pm, I’m finally at home. I go to the chickens and put my lunch in the mikrowave. (and listen to music 🙂 ) Normally, my mum is arriving by now. Together, we eat lunch and talk about the day. When it’s 6 pm, we’re normally finished. 

I take the following time to do some things I have to do but have nothing to do with school, like looking fo universities and scholarships, like thinking about the topics for my following article in this blog, like procuring some things, like preparing the next tutoring-lesson, like writing a text for the school gremium, like learning ASL or like practising typing with 10 fingers.

At some days, I start with school stuff at 6:20 pm, at some others at 7 pm. It depends on the amount of work. I do this until 9 pm with a 15 min – break for dinner in between.

To improve my English skills, I look an English Youtube – Video now, I get myself ready for bed (speak the sentences to fight against the pressure) and go into it at around 9:30pm. I’m normally sleeping at around 10 pm. 

And yes, this is a typical weekday of mine or better, like I wrote in the heading, the most normal one. Cuz I don’t really have a “typical weekday”. But u’ll see this soon, when I show u my typical week. Cuz my week is really varied and mostly, every day has a different structure. But I thought, Monday is showing my normal routines the best way.

How does ur day look like? If u’re reading this, I’d be so so happy, if u would write me about ur typical weekday.

I hope, this article was at least a little bit interesting for u:).



Saturday, 21/05/2022



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