Books, dreams, the world and I



I have really no idea how u found my blog, but I’m really happy that u did. The name of it – Books, dreams, the world and I – describes me completely: I’m a person who couldn’t live without books, who has at least a million dreams and wants to see the world. But I should introduce me at first, I think. U can call me Everose. It isn’t my real name (I wanna stay anonymous), but I chose it because of the following reasons:

  • I call(ed) my sister, who died when I was 12 years old, Evie and I want her to live on at least like that.
  • The name starts with the same letter as the main character of my favourite book.
  • I simply love that name.
  • U can say that I’m like an everose: I’m not as all the others. But I still go my way and flourish – I enjoy the life.
And I’m sorry for the probably lots of grammar mistakes in all my articles (which I publish everyonce in a while, whenever I think there is sth worth writing about it). It’s because English isn’t my mother tongue.

Now something about the structure of the blog. I think, the categories Travels and Books & Music are easy to understand. There aren’t many articles about some travels yet. But believe me, they will come:). In the Lifestyle category u can find some tipps that made and make me happier, some things that help(ed) me a lot and thoughts I have now I wish I had a long time ago. My personal journey includes my past and my thoughts at the moment. This category is a really private one. If u wanna tell or ask me something, please Contact me. I would be so happy:)!

I hope u’ll enjoy my blog!





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